Well-being: Covid Hassles and How to Deal with Them (Online Session: Yr9-13 Students)

Please note – This activity carries a cost and can only be only be booked by schools or colleges.

45-75 minute online webcast via Zoom, or a school’s Microsoft Teams, running through a list of the top worries for students around how their learning, assessments and future choices may be affected by the lockdown and ongoing pandemic. The session is suitable (and adapted accordingly) to any students in years’ 9-13.

Overall Objectives: Students receive Push’s top tips for effective remote learning, and building soft skills during this time. We generate an open honest conversation throughout – about the worries students will (quite rightly) have, and how to deal with them or see them from a fresh perspective. Students are encouraged to come up with solutions to problems they might face, and how to adapt over the next academic year. Push relay advice on keeping fit and healthy (in body and mind) and developing a positive mindset. Participants take part in polls, powerpoint, discussions, vote on challenge-the-presenters games (and forfeits), and can submit their questions at the end of the session in an anonymous Q&A. Some questions are answered live (depending on time) and all are answered afterwards and sent to the students via a PDF summary of the event (including session slides and useful followup links). We don’t require students’ email addresses, as this is sent to the teacher who can circulate to all attendees.

Presenters: the online session is hosted by Aron Tennant (Push manager and professional screenwriter) and Moj Taylor (Push lead presenter and comedian/actor/diver). Both have studied to MA-level in creative writing and performance, respectively, and both have an enhanced DBS. They have performed 1,000s of Push sessions collectively.

Safeguarding and GDPR: all students’ answers are kept anonymous to all other students, in the chat or in the Q&A, and all mics/cameras are off for attendees. The teacher is made a host alongside Aron and Moj, and only hosts can control these settings. Hosts can also monitor all chat, or any concerns raised by a student, that the school can then follow up with the individual or their parents. We require no student email addresses for this session: the teacher sends out the link shortly before the session (to ensure minimal chance of students circulating the link). We ensure this is a sustained and progressive activity, with a followup summary sent to attendees. Push can immediately block or eject any attendee based on behaviour. The teacher can take a live register of all attendees through the session. All presenters have enhanced DBSs.