Opening Positive Dialogue with your Children (Online Session: Key Influencers)

Please note – This activity carries a cost and can only be only be booked by schools or colleges.

60-90 minute interactive online webcast for key influencers via Zoom, using Push’s ACCORD framework, to explore how the brain forms memories, why some stick, and the language and environmental tweaks parents can make (as well as brain-training techniques/games) parents/guardians/carer can teach/use when homeschooling or leading remote learning for their students.

Overall objectives:
The objective is to understand memory, and to develop a strong learning community at home, which is collaborative and builds a positive association toward lifelong learning to fuel employability, not just grades. Push generate an open and honest online conversation on blockers to learning, to explore how the brain can learn best at home, under the right conditions. Discussions and exercises too, on best practice for supporting and overcoming the barriers to learning – via language, interaction and environment. This session is part of Push’s unique framework on study skills and revision techniques, designed by Johnny Rich – alongside techniques developed by Moj Taylor through MA drama school training, and Aron Tennant through his MA in creative play and writing.

The online session is hosted by Aron Tennant (Push manager and professional screenwriter) and Moj Taylor (Push lead presenter and comedian/actor/diver). Both have studied to MA-level in creative writing and performance, respectively, and both have an enhanced DBS. They have performed 1,000s of Push sessions collectively.

Safeguarding / GDPR:
All key influencers’ answers are kept anonymous to all other key influencers, in the chat and in the Q&A. All mics/cameras are controlled to be off for attendees, by Push (the hosts). The teacher is made a host alongside Aron and Moj, and only hosts can control the live settings. Hosts can also monitor all chat, or any concerns raised by a key influencer, that the school can then follow up with the individual. We ensure this is a sustained and progressive activity, with a followup summary sent to attendees. All presenters have enhanced DBSs