Clearing Webinar 9 June 2021

If you were unable to secure the university place that is right for you during the UCAS main cycle this year, no need to get stressed!

Like the majority of UK higher education providers, the University of Greenwich is now moving into the Clearing season. The remaining spots left on our courses will be available to anyone who should like to apply, with the entry requirements lower than they were in the main cycle.

We appreciate you considering Greenwich as a clearing choice, and look forward to your possible application!

This webinar will:
Explain what Clearing is and how it works
Demonstrate how to navigate the Clearing web pages
Help you get started looking for the course that is right for you!

This webinar will be led by Sam Morrison and Yvette Fofah, Recruitment Coordinators here at Greenwich.
All of our webinars include a Q&A session, where we can answer any queries you may have about your higher education journey.