Coping with studying and exams during Ramadan

Coping with studying and exams during Ramadan is aimed at students in years 10-11, and will take place on Thursday 29th April 2021 16:15-17:00.

Struggling to balance Ramadan and studying?

Join this interactive 45 min webinar that will look at ways to maintain your revision schedule whilst fasting and observing Ramadan. Aimed at students in Years 10 and 11, it will:

– look at ways to help with revision and prepare for exams
– how to juggle the responsibilities of Ramadan with your studies
– explore top tips to navigate the challenge of studying during this month
– examine how to stay focused and maintain a healthy body/mind

The session will be delivered by one of our Curriculum Ambassadors and allows attendees the opportunity to meet our current students to find out more about university life and how to overcome the challenge of studying/revising during Ramadan.

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