COVID-19 Pandemic: Telling the UNTOLD stories of minority ethnic communities through creative art

Join this inspirational session of creative activities about telling the untold stories of minority ethnic families and communities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our personal lives, loved ones, communities, social interactions, the food we eat, the way we work, our activities and our overall health and wellbeing were some of the numerous things that suffered the hit of the pandemic.

Sadly, we were hit differently by a combination of factors – both the pandemic and existing inequalities within society (e.g., racism and discrimination) simply because of our ethnicities.

The numbers only tell the stories of these COVID-19 inequalities through the difference in infection rates and deaths. However, we know through our daily interaction with others in our community that our pandemic stories and experiences go beyond whether we had a positive COVID-19 test or not. There is so much more left untold.

How can solutions be developed when the full story isn’t known?

How can solutions be found for us, when they are not developed by us?

This is why we are running the Co-POWeR project on physical activity and food. We want to LEARN these untold stories, TELL them through art and WORK TOGETHER with you, our community, to create a solution to the issues of inequalities, racism and discrimination that affects us, as a society.

The interactive event will take place in Zoom, but registration is required to receive the joining instructions.

This event will occur on 14th October 2021, 18:00-19:00. The event is suitable for ages 16+ and may contain potentially upsetting content.