Culture Capital

Early this school year, HEON planned a pilot cultural capital project to be delivered in one of our key target schools in the late Spring and Summer terms to ten Year 9 students. Unfortunately, school closures as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic meant that the programme could not be delivered as planned.

However rather than cancelling or postponing the project, the team worked to re-design it to be delivered online. Spanish culture was selected as the topic, and the project was designed to not only improve cultural capital of the students, but also to increase their self-confidence and key skills such as independent learning.

In being translated to online, the project is now delivered by Student Ambassadors via the school’s google classroom, where sessions are being created and delivered over a period of 6 weeks. The students are interacting with the Ambassadors online and uploading their work and projects as they go. These projects range from quizzes to cooking Spanish dishes themselves. To further support the project and students taking part, the team created packs for each student, containing printed material for the project (as well as some of the ingredients for their cooking lesson), which were dropped off at their school and then collected by the students. This ensured that even students with limited IT access and no printer could take part.

Full evaluation of the project is in progress, but early feedback from the students and teachers is very positive, and seven students have engaged with the project and Ambassadors.