Education in the Green Space

The Education in the Green Space project is a joint endeavour between Biological Sciences and Southampton Education School, at the University of Southampton, funded by the National Environmental Research Council. Working with local teachers, we identified barriers faced in teaching environmental topics in schools and explored their solutions are there for Hampshire schools – resulting in a wealth of activities, resources, lesson plans, advice and guidance, which is now available for all to enjoy!

This digital resource collates information on environmental education as well as activities for both primary and secondary schools which link to the UK National Curriculum. These provide different ways in which schools can access green spaces, and lots of online resources for teachers such as videos, apps and games.

The Education in the Green Space (EIGS) Guide is an online version of our booklet, which aims to provide an easy introduction to using outdoor spaces for education. It has been developed with teachers and environmental education experts.

And anyone can explore and enjoy the wealth of resources collected throughout the project for all ages, enabling you, wherever you live, to get out and enjoy the green spaces around you!