Engineering Virtual Twilight Lecture – Can Civil Engineers Save the World?

The twilight lectures are aimed at students currently studying at Level 3, to complement their studies and to provide an insight into studying these disciplines at degree level.

We have all gradually become aware of the potential catastrophe of climate change, we are seeing more and more extreme weather; droughts, floods, fires and melting icecaps. Most people have changed their behaviour to some extent and tried to reduce their consumption of fossil fuels and plastic, but to see real change we will need much more dramatic interventions at a global level. This lecture will touch on some of the many things that civil engineers are doing to reduce energy consumption, provide sustainable infrastructure, and contribute to a range of initiatives and projects designed to reverse the effects of climate change. The lecture will appeal to anyone considering studying civil engineering and with an interest in sustainability, climate change, and the built environment. They are certainly trying, but can civil engineers really save the world?