GameOn@GRE 2021

Starting Uni in September? Want to find out more about Uni life?
Our FREE taster course will help you find out what university study is like. Meet other students preparing for Uni, hear from current students and get some inside tips on how to prepare for a great Uni start. It’s GameOn at Greenwich!

GameOn@GRE is a two-day course designed to give you an insight into university learning.
Here are some great benefits from joining the course:

• Kickstart your university skills before you even start!
• Use some of our exciting resources first-hand!
• Work on a fun and creative project!
• Make new friends!

GameOn@GRE will leave you inspired, energised and looking forward to your university adventure!

Course Requirements
The course will take place online on MS Teams. You can attend from the comfort of your home, from school or anywhere you have a steady internet connection, a PC or Laptop and a quiet space to work.

Who is it for?
Students preparing for their first year of university study.

When is it?
GameOn@GRE 2021 will take place on Wednesday 26th May and Thursday 27th May 2021. You can register for GameOn@GRE 2021 by clicking on the link below:

How much does it cost?
It’s completely free – so what do you have to lose? Register to attend NOW!

Registrations close on 23rd May, so get in there quick!