Get into Medicine

Our famous conferences have moved online due to COVID-19 but they are as amazing as ever!

We strongly recommend that Year 12 and S5 students attend as early as possible to access useful research, publishing, presenting, volunteering, prize, leadership, medical awards and scholarship opportunities. These are only available to Medic Mentor students, who have attended the conferences. The earlier that you attend a conference, the more of a competitive advantage you will have. We look forward to meeting you soon!

Timings & Tickets
Registration starts at 9.30am. Course starts are 10.00am. The course finishes at 5.30pm. There are breaks at several points in the day. The lunch break lasts 30 minutes and these are valuable opportunities to speak with the Mentors and ask questions.
Please note that the conference details and zoom link will be emailed out to delegates 2 days prior to the course start date.

If you would like some advice before you register give us a ring on the Mentor Helpline number 01530 417299. In order to maintain the integrity and enjoyment of aspiring vets and their parents at the conferences, and to improve our robust safeguarding policy, all students under the age of 18, must attend with a parent/guardian or designated responsible adult.

Topics Covered
What is it like to be a doctor?
Perspectives from recent successful and Current applicants

CV Building

Getting Work Experience

Medical Personal Statements

Medical School Interviews

How to access Medical Medical Awards, Prizes, Leadership Programmes, and Scholarships to study Medicine at University.

Attendance is normally £50, however, Uni4me students can book their place using the code uni4me on the following website