Getting Back to the Future

Getting Back to the Future is an introduction to studying humanities subjects at University. It will include taster lectures and opportunities to ask lecturers and current students about why you should study English, History, Languages, Philosophy, Film, Music, or Archaeology. What would you learn? And where could it take you?

Our taster lectures and seminars will approach the theme of ‘getting back to the future’ from different perspectives. One key question is: what will the world look like after the COVID crisis, and how might we want to change it?

We have planned an event that will allow us to start to get back to a conversation about the future—and back to our future, and back to your future.

– How do humanities disciplines help us make sense of the future?
– What will the future be like? What should it be like?
– And how can we make sure that we’re ready for it?

It will take place from approximately 10am to 1.30pm, on the 23rd June.

After the event, participants will have access to a website containing a video tour of Avenue Campus, which is the main home of Humanities at Southampton, as well as talks from the day and other resources.