Going Through Clearing? Make Sure Your Student Finance Is Sorted!

Whether you go through Clearing after getting your exam results or you’ve not yet applied for university or college, you need to make sure your student finance is sorted as soon as possible!

If you’ve not applied for student finance yet:

It’s easy to apply and usually only takes around 30 minutes.

Just use your first choice of course so we can get on with assessing your application.

You can come back and change your application at a later point if you need to, which could be because you need to change your course, your university or college choice, or your personal details etc..

If you’ve already applied for student finance but you need to change your course, university/college or personal details:

If your university, college or course changes:

If you accept a place at university or college through Clearing, you’ll need to sign in to your student finance account and let us know of any changes.

You’ll probably need to change the university or college on your application as well as your course and you should also tell us the correct tuition fee being charged for your new course.

If your living situation changes:

It’s important that you update where you’ll be living on your application if this has changed, otherwise you might not get the right amount of Maintenance support.

You should do this at the same time that you update your university or college and your course on your online account.

Clearing resources and information:

To help you understand all of the steps involved in either applying for your student finance if you haven’t already done so or how to change your application, go to our Clearing information pages.

On there you find all the essential guidance, supporting examples and short films on applying for student finance and how to change your application if you need to.