Household Income Assessment

If you’re applying for any means-tested student finance this year, for example Maintenance Loans or a Childcare Grant then this may be of interest to you.

As part of the student loan application process we will ask for the income of your parents or partner from the 2018-19 tax year to work out how much student finance you can get for the coming academic year.

However, we understand your household income might have changed significantly since then, due to issues related to the Coronavirus outbreak, or if your parent(s) or your partner has retired or got a different job.

If your household income is expected to drop by 15% or more compared to the 2018-19 tax year, your parents or partner can ask us to work out how much student finance you can get based on their estimated income for the current 2020-21 tax year instead.

Our online guides and information will let you know more about this process and tell you how to apply for a Current Year Income reassessment if necessary.