How to get your first payment sorted if you applied for your student loan late…or haven’t even applied yet!

If you haven’t applied yet or you’ve just recently applied for your full-time undergraduate student finance, then you might not receive your full payment amount when you start your course!

Here’s what needs to happen to make sure you have some funding in place for when your course starts…

1. Apply for your student finance

If you haven’t already done so, create or sign into your online account and apply as soon as possible!

2. Check your ‘to-do list’

If we need any further information from you, a ‘to-do list’ will appear in your online account, giving you information about anything you need to do next.

3. We’ll sort out your initial funding

We’ll assess you quickly for any funding that doesn’t depend on your household income (Tuition Fee Loan and basic Maintenance Loan) so we can make sure you have some funding in place for when you start your course.

We’ll send you a letter confirming your minimum entitlement – you can also check your online account for an update.

4. We’ll assess the rest of your application

We’ll also be continuing to assess the household income details part of your application if you’ve applied for this – this usually takes us 6 to 8 weeks.

If you’re applying for a higher amount of student loan based on your household income, make sure to ask your parent(s) or partner to provide their financial information as soon as possible to avoid delays to your application.

5. What you need to do to get your first payment

In order to get your first student finance payment, you’ll also need to register at your uni or college before your course starts, as we won’t be able to pay you until you do.

6. When your application is fully approved

Once we’ve assessed your household income details, we’ll then send you another letter confirming your full entitlement amount.

We’ll pay the difference as soon as possible, and your second and third payments will increase too.

Checking the status of your application.

While you’re waiting for an update from us you can check the status of your application on your online account.

More information on your payments and about what the application statuses mean can be found using the links below.