There Is STILL Time To Apply For Your Student Finance!

The full-time undergraduate student finance application services for academic year 2022/23 are now open and it is essential to get your application submitted as soon as possible!

If you haven’t applied yet or you’ve only recently applied for your student finance, here’s what needs to happen to make sure you have some funding in place for when your course starts.

1. Applying for student finance:

It’s important if you haven’t already done so to create an account or sign into your online account and apply as soon as possible.

It’s quick and easy to apply online – it only takes 30 minutes with your:

Passport details, National Insurance number and your UK bank details

You don’t need a confirmed place at uni or college to apply, you can apply now and update your details later if you need to.

2. Check your online account:

You shouldn’t need to call us to track the progress of your application as the information will be available to most students through their online accounts.

3. We’ll sort out your initial funding:

To ensure you receive some funding for the start of your course and we’ll assess you quickly without considering your household income so we can make sure you have some funding in place for when you start your course.

We’ll send you a letter confirming your minimum entitlement and you can also check your online account for an update.

You’ll get the rest of your money as soon as we process the household income details.

4. We’ll assess the rest of your application:

We’ll then assess the household details part of your application if you’ve applied for this – this usually takes us 6 to 8 weeks.

If you’re applying for a higher amount of student finance based on your household income, make sure to ask your parents or partner to provide their financial information as soon as possible to avoid delays to your application.

5. What you need to do to get your first payment:

In order to get your first student finance payment, you’ll also need to register at your uni or college before your course starts, as we won’t be able to pay you until you do.

Once you’ve completed these steps, we’ll contact you a few days before your course starts, confirming your first payment date.

You don’t need to call us to check your payment date, sign in to your online account to view your payment schedule.

6. When your application is fully approved:

Once we’ve assessed your household income details, we’ll then send you another letter confirming your full entitlement amount.

If you’ve already received a payment from us, we’ll pay the difference as soon as possible, and your second and third payments will increase too.

Additional Information:

Visit our campaign and information pages for details on student finance entitlement, eligibility. recourses and guidance on how and when to submit your application!