Learn with US Pre-16 Digital Workshops

The University of Southampton is proud to present our brand new digital workshops for every Year 7 – 10 student who attends a non-selective, state-funded school in England.

As part of our Learn with US programme, we’ve created 4 workshops that combine film, animation and a workbook to help students look at the bigger picture, understand the different stages of education and provide them with the toolkit to support their journey to university.

Our digital workshops are split into bite-sized pieces of content, separated by animated hold screens that prompt students to fill out their workbooks at given points throughout lesson. As the content is modular, it can be used either in one lesson, or broken up and spread across multiple lessons.

Every year group is tailored to the specific stage and learning needs of each group. For example, Year 8 students will consider GCSE selection and the impact this can have on their academic journey and future career; whilst Year 9 students look at skill development in preparation for applying to further and higher education.

Our resources are completely free of charge including the cost of couriering printed materials. Whilst there is no monetary charge, we do require some basic, anonymised, data to support our reporting of public money to the Office for Students. There is no limit on the number of students who can take part!

Please book early to avoid disappointment, as we only have a limited number of printed booklets available. We will be posting weekly up until the Easter holiday and fortnightly thereafter where stock is available.