“Managing Seaweed through More than Maps” Workshop Series

#MoreThanMaps is running another virtual workshop series in May 2021 for UK based 16-18 year old Geography A-level students. “Managing Seaweed through More than Maps” is a short workshop series that explores SEAWEED management as an adaptation case study. The workshops provide case studies and methods to the students, as well as a taster session of the types of learning they could do at a university undergraduate level.

The maximum number of participants in one session is 30 students. We can run the workshop for one college exclusively, or coordinate between colleges for an appropriate date and time.

The virtual workshop will run for three sessions of 1.5 hours. They can be run during or after school hours, as preferred.

Workshop 1: Why do politicians needs science?

Workshop 2: What is environmental mapping and how can we use it?

Workshop 3: How can studying people help to solve environmental problems?

Please contact sien.vanderplank@soton.ac.uk for further details or to arrange a date/time.