Maths Virtual Twilight Lecture- The Thinking Tool of Mathematics

Our series of virtual twilight lectures are aimed at students currently studying at Level 3, to complement their studies and/or to provide an insight into studying a range of disciplines at degree level. We welcome bookings for this event from students as well as teachers and advisers.

The Maths twilight lecture delivered by Dr Neil Saunders is entitled ‘The Thinking Tool of Mathematics’. Mathematics is one of humankind’s most beautiful achievement. It has allowed us to see the world in ways that our eyes alone cannot, and opened up our minds to possibilities previously unimaginable. It had built rockets, designed microscopes and curated medicines; it is central to all digital communication in our modern society and its role will only increase in importance into the future. At its heart, mathematics is simple and elegant, but its reach is far and wide. It has been said that ‘you can’t do much carpentry with your bare hands and you can’t do much thinking with your bare brain’. Mathematics is a treasure house of powerful thinking tools that allow individuals and societies to make better informed decisions, allowing them to flourish and attain their full potential.

This talk will be a tour through some of the central ideas of mathematics and its applications in a modern society.