More than Maps

MORE THAN MAPS is an online workshop series that explores coastal case studies of climate change adaptation and hazards, and provides taster sessions of university level research methods.

We explore questions around adaptation and the role of geography in responding to environmental challenges, including:
• What is Sargassum and why has it been causing problems in the Caribbean?
• How do different research disciplines approach “adaptation”?
• How can we create basic environmental maps for free?
• What is remote sensing, why is it useful?
• How can we use a stakeholder analysis to inform adaptation?

The workshops are most suited to Geography A-level students because of the focus on climate change, hazard and disaster risk, and remote sensing. No prior coding or social sciences skills are required, but because of the advanced nature of the workshop content, it is recommended for A-level students and that students are selected based on their interest in the content matter.

Workshops will be running Wednesdays, 4.00-5.30pm, from 17th November to 15th December

Session 1 Introduction to research disciplines
Session 2 How can we use environmental mapping?
Session 3 How can studying people help solve environmental problems?
Session 4 What happened at Somerset Levels?
Session 5 Why do households adapt to hazards?

Email for further information and to sign up your students