Online Sixth Form Philosophy Conference

Monday 21st-Friday 25th March 2022

Philosophy at Southampton will host a free online conference for Sixth Form students and their tutors. This will involve:

A series of short, engaging, and accessible pre-recorded talks by our lecturers. These will be hosted on a dedicated, password-protected website.
Students and tutors at participating schools and colleges will be able to access the site without having to sign up for an account and watch the videos at a time that suits their schedules.
They will then have the chance to view the videos and post comments and questions relating to each talk at any point during the week.
Our lecturers will post their own comments in response to yours throughout the week.

Provisional schedule:
“Descartes and Malebranche on God, Mind, and Body”, by Prof. Daniel Whiting
“Nietzsche: Calling our Values into Question”, by Prof. Christopher Janaway
“What’s so Bad about Death?”, by Prof. Jonathan Way
“Consequentialism and Happiness”, by Dr. Alexander Greenberg

In addition, there will a talk on studying philosophy at university by Dr Will McNeill.

The conference is free to attend but spaces are limited.
Registration closes on Friday 11th March.

Tutors can register their class by emailing:
Please include your name, your school, and the class size.
On confirmation of registration, you will be sent further details of the event and a password for access.