‘Repairing radiochemistry’s reputation, isotope by isotope’

Repairing radiochemistry’s reputation, isotope by isotope” will tackle the public perception issue surrounding radiochemistry. The project will expand on and apply key concepts of radiochemistry & radioactivity in the curriculum, whilst highlighting the role of radiochemistry in everyday life and potential career paths.

The card game aims to reflect the current interdisciplinary nature of academic research and industrial expertise. This will focus on chemistry but also encompass applications in physics and biology, highlighting the role of sciences not as individual domains but as interconnecting subjects. Key curriculum components such as; half-life, nuclear radiation, different types of decay, background radiation and contamination as well as weighing up use and risk will be examined under the real-world context of energy, pollution, and health.

We hope to evaluate the impact of the card game methodology through teacher observations and pupil feedback through Microsoft forms. This pilot will assess if this method of gamification is effective as a curriculum enriching activity for radiochemistry and potential scope for teachers to engage their students with radiochemistry outreach.

We plan to send 30 packs to your school, and in return ask for feedback from teachers and pupils. We have funding for up to £120 per school if this process will require additional teacher time. We are looking for 3 schools to participate in this pilot. The project is suitable for year 9 – year 12.

If you have any questions or need more information please let me know by emailing Sarah.Lu@soton.ac.uk