Sustainable living – Discover research within the Faculty of Engineering and Physical sciences

You are invited to join us on Thursday 17th June from 16.00 – 18.30 for an online webinar that explores the current sustainability research within subjects in the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences.

This event will be hosted by Professor Susan Gourvenec – Royal Academy of Engineering Chair in Emerging Technologies and Professor of Offshore Geotechnical Engineering.

There will be a series of interesting talks from:

4.05 – 4.25 Professor David Read within the School of Chemistry – Chemistry: Solving the World’s Problems.

4.25 – 4.45 Dr Nuno Bimbo within Chemical Engineering – Porous Materials for Energy Applications.

4.45 – 5.05 Dr Lindsay-Marie Armstrong within Mechanical engineering – Clean Carbon University Strategic Research Group.

5.10 – 5.30 Dr Stephanie Gauthier within Civil Engineering – My house My air: Where is there most air pollution in my house?

5.30 – 5.50 Dr Luke Myers within Marine Energy and Micro-renewables – Tidal marine energy: a new and emerging technology.

5.50 -6.10 Dr Sebastian Stein within the School of Electronics and Computer Science – The sustainable recycling of wearable electronics.

Each of these talks will be followed by a brief Q&A session with the speakers.