The Cold War in a Global Perspective

The ‘Cold War’ is often seen as a confrontation between two major global powers: the United States and the Soviet Union. But it can only really be understood as a global conflict.

This online workshop will think about the Cold War in a global perspective, exploring how deteriorating relations between the United States and the Soviet Union collided with surging anticolonial sentiment across the world. As empires collapsed, their former subjects started to imagine new futures, which challenged the idea of East-West conflict as the only way to organise the world.

The workshop will be held on 17th March and will consist of three short talks by specialists from the History department, followed by a Q&A.

All are welcome, but this workshop may be of particular interest to students taking the following A-level modules: ‘Mao’s China’, ‘Russia, 1917–1991’, ‘The Cold War in Europe’ and ‘The Making of a Superpower’.