The Parents’ Guide to Careers

It’s National Careers Week 1-6 March and to celebrate we’ve teamed up with NCW to create a free guide to help you understand your child’s vocational options. Whether they’re in Year 10 and starting to think about what they might like to do when their GCSEs are over, or whether they’re 18 and making plans for adulthood, our guide will help you understand what choices your children have (if they don’t want to stay in full-time education) and what action they can take to get them to the next stage.

This guide includes:
– How to talk your teen about their future;
– Virtual work experience – what it is and why it’s so important;
– A summary of all vocational options after GCSE and sixth form;
– Apprenticeships – why they’re of value and whether they’d suit your child;
– Other options, such as internships, gap years and starting a business.