The (Social) Science of COVID-19

Join us on Monday 15th March at 4.30pm (GMT) as four colleagues from our Social Sciences Faculty discuss some of the impacts of COVID on different aspects of our society and the role of social sciences in dealing with these issues. This short webinar is ideal if students are interested in studying Social Sciences at University and would like to hear from academics at University of Southampton.

Ben Mason will discuss whether lockdown has improved family relationships, flaws in data collection and whether COVID will impact population growth and fertility.

Dr Brian Moss will look at the impact of COVID on our social behaviours, society, and policing. Looking at individual and group behaviours and state responses, is it a keep “calm and carry on” or “save yourself” scenario?

Dr Roy Edwards will talk about lateral thinking and resilient approaches to decision making.

Dr Helen Paul will discuss the impact of COVID on taxation and the role students play in economic recovery.

These short presentations will be followed by a Q&A conversation and a chance to hear more about our courses.