Time To Apply For Your Student Finance!

It’s time for new full-time undergraduate SFE and SFW students to apply for their student finance for academic year 2021/22!

The online applications only take around 30 minutes and students need to follow 3 simple steps;

1. Register online and Create an account

SFE: www.gov.uk/apply-online-for-student-finance

If you are, for example, an EEA Migrant Worker/family member of an EEA Migrant Worker or have EUSS Pre-Settled status and cannot apply for your funding online then the relevant paper application forms are available from: www.gov.uk/student-finance-forms

SFW: www.studentfinancewales.co.uk/discover-student-finance

SFW paper application forms available from: www.studentfinancewales.co.uk/forms

2. Fill in the application – You’ll need documents like your UK passport, bank details and National Insurance number

3. Provide evidence – Make sure you can provide any evidence we ask for. If you are from the EU, the EEA or Switzerland and have Settled status, this will include a valid EUSS Share Code

Details of what to provide and how to provide it will be shown in the To-Do List from your online application before you submit it.

If you do not provide the evidence we need, this could delay your application.

Household Income:

If you are applying for the full Maintenance Loan to help with your living costs, we will also need some financial details from your parents, carers or partners before we can completely assess your application.

For more information: www.gov.uk/apply-for-student-finance/household-income

Other Application Key Messages:

You do not need a confirmed place at university or college before you apply for your student finance

You can apply using your preferred choice and change the details later if you need to

The deadline for new SFE students to apply is 21st May and 4th June for SFW, so try to apply before then to make sure you get your student finance in time for starting your course

For more details on successfully submitting your student finance application on-time, other useful information and informative YouTube films, visit our campaign pages.

Other Application Launch Dates:

Postgraduate and part-time undergraduate student finance applications will open in the summer

Not From England or Wales?

If you will be applying for support from Student Finance Northern Ireland or SAAS in Scotland then please visit their websites for more details of the application process and dates.