Virtual Laboratory Tour of the Centre for Cancer Immunology

Join us for an exclusive virtual tour of the laboratories in the Centre for Cancer Immunology.

In this immersive event we will take you through the doors of the Centre and right into the laboratory, giving you the opportunity to see the ground-breaking cancer immunology research happening at its heart. We will speak to the people at the forefront of the research, our brilliant scientists, and you will have the opportunity to ask them your questions. We will hear how their ideas are developed and trialled, and you will see the revolutionary tools that are used to make new discoveries to advance our understanding of cancer.

The Centre for Cancer Immunology, and the research within it, is saving lives. This is only possible because of the generosity of our supporters. During this event we look forward to showing you how donations to support the Centre for Cancer Immunology are making a huge impact on the future of cancer treatment.

Event Date: Tuesday 23 November

Event Time: 18:00 – 19:15 GMT

To learn more about the Centre for Cancer Immunology, and the work it does, see