Virtual Year-8 Able Linguist Day – University of Southampton

Date: Wednesday 8th June 2022

Times: This event will run virtually from 10.00 to 13:30

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10.00 -12.00: will be used to develop the project and the poster.

12.00 -13.00: 1-hour lunch break where pupils can have lunch and continue creating their posters, if they choose to.

13:00-13:30: talk by Dr Vivienne Orchard (University of Southampton) about ‘Why Languages Matter’.

This online event provides Year-8 students with a chance to develop their language skills in a fun and interactive way. In the morning, there will be an intensive mini-project workshop in French, German or Spanish, led by University of Southampton PGCE Language tutors.

Students will conduct this activity in their school classrooms with the help of their teachers, where they will create, in groups of 6-8 students, a poster for this project.

After the lunch break, there will be a talk about why languages matter and how they can be useful in the world of work.

Our University of Southampton PGCE Language tutors will be sending teachers’ notes about the day, giving instructions about how the students will be involved in the classroom activities.

Please ensure that you have different physical rooms allocated for the different target languages, access to a computer and internet in these rooms, and a teacher(s) in charge of those group. Separate Microsoft Teams links will be emailed nearer the time.

Materials needed: different colour Sharpies; scissors, glue, A3 poster size card.

Bookings are only confirmed on receipt of the booking form and a confirmation email being sent back to you.

Attendance to the whole day event is expected.

The sessions will not be recorded, nor must they be recorded by school staff or students for GDPR reasons. Cameras and microphones must be turned off at all times during the online event. The sessions must not be recorded by either staff or students for GDPR and copyright reasons.

Schools must attend the sessions on time or will not be allowed onto the online sessions after the event has started. Please enter the virtual room 5 minutes before the start of the session.