Explore our Whiteknights Campus

The University of Reading is an example of a campus university.

A campus university has all of its accommodation, teaching rooms, research labs and other facilities in one place rather than being scattered throughout a town or city. The University of Reading has two main UK campuses – Whiteknights and London Road.

In this activity you will explore our Whiteknights Campus through our interactive 360 tour, and follow one of our Student Ambassadors around campus in our video tour before undertaking a short quiz to see how much you’ve learnt.

Once you’ve had a chance to think about what makes a good university and what facilities a student might need you have a chance to design your own! Create a map or model of your dream university and email it to us for a chance to have it featured on our social media and to receive a certificate of completion.

Take a Tour with Yvonne

Discover the University of Reading’s main campus with BA Theatre graduate, Yvonne, as she takes you on a tour around Whiteknights campus. Here’s your chance to view our campus’ layout, facilities and green spaces.