Country life during the Second World War

Through this activity your class will be able to read about real children who moved as
evacuees from the town to the countryside during the Second World War. Some children had good experiences while others found the move hard.

During this activity, students will have the opportunity to explore true stories, find out what the countryside was like over 70 years ago and create their own stories based on what they have discovered.

By the end of the activities students will:
• have increased knowledge of being evacuated from an urban centre like London
• be able to explain the differences in food, lifestyle, toys, play and health between rural and urban areas
• have developed their skills in reading and interpreting written documents, such as letters and official paperwork that children wrote and were given, as part of their evacuation.

This activity is ideal to do before a visit to the Museum of English Rural Life in Reading, but the resources can be used without a visit as much of our collections are now available online. If you would like to book a visit to the MERL then do get in touch.