Know your strengths is aimed at students in Years 10 -11 Tuesday 9th March 2021 16:15-17:00

The discover your strengths webinar will provide a space for students to creatively work out how their strengths and qualities can contribute to their future aspirations. Students will engage in a personal S.W.O.T analysis which will provide them insights that will support their personal and academic development.

Through identifying their strengths they will be encouraged to creatively imagine how the development their current skillset can serve as a invaluable asset to their future ambitions.

This will be delivered jointly between Innerscope and UEL and will take place on Tues, 9th March at 16:15-17:00

Teachers: Please register using Eventbrite and send the Live Event link to your students contained in the details:

All webinars are delivered through Microsoft Teams. This is a non – registration platform for students. Click above link for further information on how to get your class involved! Please use a laptop or PC to get the best possible attendee experience.