Years 9 – 11: Financial literacy and higher education – Live webinar

Money talks education will be delivering a ‘Money Masterclass’ this summer for students in partnership with the Outreach and Access Team at the University of East London. Most of us are taught how to work for money, but we are never taught how to make money work for us! This interactive workshop will help students understand basic financial management, including the importance of having the right ‘money mindset’, introducing them to financial concepts such as the Rule of 72 and the importance of planning for a strong financial future. The workshop will include practical exercises on how to budget and save, skills they will be able to implement at university and beyond.

The webinar will take place on Thurs, 9th July 2020, 10.00am and will last for 45 mins.

Teachers: Please register using Eventbrite and send the Live Event link to your students contained in the details:

All webinars are delivered through Microsoft Teams. This is a non – registration platform for students. Click above link for further information on how to get your class involved!