Student Loans Company

The Student Loans Company (SLC) is a non-profit-making government-owned organisation that provides loans and grants to students at universities and colleges in the UK.

Student Finance England (SFE) and Student Finance Wales (SFW) are services provided by SLC, giving financial support to students from England and Wales starting or continuing higher education.

We’re here to help and can offer you financial support when you need it most – during your studies. There’s a wide range of support available to help pay for tuition fees or living costs while at uni or college. There’s also extra help for students who have child or adult dependants, or those who have a disability.

Social Media:

For more information, students studying in England can visit, while students in Wales should go to

You can also keep up to date with all the latest news, get information and ask questions on our social media channels:

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Not from England or Wales?

Students from Northern Ireland should visit, and students from Scotland should visit