The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance (ICMP)

ICMP, based in London, has been developing and delivering music education and training to students of contemporary music for over 30 years, longer than any other UK school. We pride ourselves first and foremost on the continuing success of our alumni – within 6 months of graduating over 94% of our graduates are in employment or further education. And in 2017, we know that our graduates were earning an average salary of £24,000 six months after graduating, which is £5,000 higher than other UK music students.

At ICMP we are committed to developing an inclusive and supportive environment where all are able to participate and where everyone has the opportunity to fulfil their potential.
Key to our philosophy is the understanding that every student is unique. We have always focused therefore on the needs and potential of individual students, ensuring that the music education we provide is tailored and personalised, giving you the best chance of success in the very competitive and challenging environment of the music industry.

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