Parents and carers

All parents and carers want to support their children and help them make the right decisions. On this site you will find activities specifically aimed at parents to help them improve their knowledge about higher education and put them in the best position to help their children achieve their goals.

The activities on Uni4Me seek to explain exactly what higher education is, what benefits it can bring and how to support learners to apply as well as support their existing studies. Some of the activities are designed specifically with parents and carers in mind. You can search all the activities here.

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There are lots of other useful sites that can support you to find out more about supporting your child into higher education. Have a look at some of the sites below.

The Parents’ Guide to…. Head over to this website for lots of handy, free resources to support your child throughout their education.

UCAS – The Universities Centralised Admissions Service has a range of resources specifically for parents.

Student Finance: Student finance differs according to what area of  the UK you live in. All of them have pages aimed at parents and partners. Please click on the links below.

Student Finance England has lots of information for parents and partners on both The Student Room and the UCAS site

Student Finance Northern Ireland

The Students Award Agency Scotland 

Student Finance Wales